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    GIVEAWAY: ThermoWorks Thermapen MK4

    Bacon-wrapped Poblanos stuffed with sausage, green onions, cream cheese and sharp cheddar.
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    ND cold weather and not reaching temp

    I've given up for the winter. Just not worth the extra effort, fuel, and time. I'll hit er hard come the end of March...unless we have a heat wave before that.
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    Pineapple?!?!? Oh God no!
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    Any diy drip bucket liners?

    Use the wide (18" ?) heavy duty foil and mold it to the outer part of the factory bucket. Remove and put molded foil inside the bucket and fold remaining foil over the edge. Cheap and gets the job done. If the bucket gets greasy, I just run it through the dishwasher.
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    Pork Butt - Too Foil or not to foil?

    No wrap for me until the leftovers hit the fridge
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    Sold / Found In Ohio RT 680

    Seems high priced for a 680
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    What are you cooking?

    For pellet grill chicken, I like it salt, cracked pepper and granulated garlic. Serve it up with Alabama White Sauce...
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    The Bull has my butchers attention 👌

    Uhhh...That is a roast Looks great!
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    Dinner Tonight Reverse Seared NY Strip & Grilled Pineapple

    Looks good. I'd recommend flipping the sear plates over and use the flat side. More surface area = better sear = more flavor.
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    Okay Third Time Smoking Ribs and still......

    If they are "falling off the bone", then they are overdone.
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    looking for opinions : new legs vs comp cart

    Where there's a will...and a cutting torch...there's a way. Just sayin'
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    Other Queso - Perfect for Game Day

    Never done queso on the rec tec. I don't have a recipe per all depends on what I have on hand. I always start with a roux and make a basic cheese sauce with butter, flour, whole milk, and hand grated sharp cheddar and Wisconsin Brick cheese. Pre-shredded cheese is awful stuff. Then I...
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    Other Queso - Perfect for Game Day

    I've tried to like chorizo, but I just can't. It's too greasy and never cooks up as good as some good hot Italian sausage. Spanish style chorizo (rather than Mexican) is a totally different animal...much better
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    looking for opinions : new legs vs comp cart

    There's no axle on the old design either...look up the wheel drill your own holes and supply your own threaded rod for the axle. Looks like it should be just as simple.
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    What are you cooking?

    Did 80lbs of butts in two batches on Thursday for a fundraiser. Turned out great.