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  1. Gotbbq

    3 Course Dinner

    I almost had the trifecta today. Lunch cooked on the bull and now dinner. I made 3 fillets of red snapper, corn and Brussels sprouts. My wife was amazed there was no clean up but better she said it was the best fish she ever had. Made a yogurt/lemon sauce for the Brussels. Next time I’m going to...
  2. Gotbbq

    Quick Lunch

    Ever once in awhile I need to make a quick lunch and try to use the bull to do so. Today I made boneless and skinless thighs with Rec Tec comp rub. Cranked up to high. Got to 520 ( maybe would have gone higher but I was hungry) used sear plates. I was surprised how much smoke was put out at that...
  3. Gotbbq

    Grill Name

    Hey, I know there are many creative people on the forum. Just want to check in and see what you named your rec tec grill. Mine is Marine 1 - in honor of my dad. Go for it- 🇺🇲
  4. Gotbbq

    Ribs- Without temp control

    I cooked 3 racks of ribs today. Each a with a different rub. One sweet and tart type rub (honey powder and tang) one spicy rub, paprika, cayenne, chile powder and one just salt and pepper. Ran for about 5 hrs, a little less. Had trouble keeping temp. Too hot. Set at 225 temp ramped up to 260...
  5. Gotbbq

    Temperature Problem

    Set up 2 racks of ribs at 180 the for about hour. Then I set the temp to 225. All good for 1 hr, then went without me changing anything to 240, 250, 260. Set to 225. Thoughts on the cause and how to get temp under control???? This is not a good situation 🇺🇲
  6. Gotbbq

    Interior Shelf

    Can I use the large interior shelf not the Bull to cook on or is it more for keeping things warm. Can I put extra racks of ribs/butts to cook? Any difference between regular grate and interior shelf heat wise? I've been waiting for them to come back in stock but only want it if i can use it...
  7. Gotbbq

    Temp Issue

    Doing a low cook. All good for 3 hrs, then rose to 185, 190, 195, 200. Any thoughts ? 🇺🇲
  8. Gotbbq

    Pork Tenderloin Dinner

    After cleaning the bull, I braided Two pork tenderloins. This was a first tenderloin cook. Turned out with good smoke flavor and very juicy. Took off the bull at 135, carryover to 140.
  9. Gotbbq

    Apple update is Here —It’s Alive

    Just downloaded the rec tec update. All new info on temp probe app. Going to check it out now. Let me know if it works 😊😊😊
  10. Gotbbq

    Quick lunch

    After the first warm weekend day, off to the garden center and home to fill flower pots. My wife is a pro. make the backyard beautiful. I made a quick lunch on the bull- Chicken sausage, corn and blue chips with frozen mojitos. The wife is now inside sleeping. 🇺🇲
  11. Gotbbq

    Smoker power

    Can I run my bull off of this without damage? Not sure if the bull’s requirements.
  12. Gotbbq

    New Jerky Plan Help

    Hey, I could use some help before I head off into a Jerky downhill slide. The first time I made jerky on the bull wasn't my favorite. Too strong, seemed overcooked, just not great. We ate it, but just not great. Usually i do jerky in the dehydrator. I marinate in soy, powdered hickory smoke...
  13. Gotbbq

    Speaking of Smoking

    🇺🇲 Anyone on the forum enjoy a good cigar while smoking? What’s your pleasure?
  14. Gotbbq

    Foil or Not?

    Happy Mothers Day, Anyway, I have a Bull. I usually put foil on the drip tray but have been considering just letting it go without? How many use foil, any without? Seems like i could save some time not using foil. What do you think? 🇺🇲
  15. Gotbbq

    Grease Build Up

    Hey, I have noticed after the last 2 smokes that I was getting a small amount grease at the temp probe end of the barrel. No grease fire but surprised to see it. Any thoughts?
  16. Gotbbq

    Coffee, Anyone?

    First thing in the morning, coffee. I'm one of the few guys on the planet who brings his wife coffee in bed, every day. That just comes from getting up at 5 am, every day. Just how my body works. With first cup of coffee in hand, let the Springer out and head out to the deck to get smoker...
  17. Gotbbq

    Thermoworks Rules

    Hey, I just got the thermoworks dot. I'm a big fan of their products. I have one with an alarm on my commercial freezer and it works great. The dot comes with a regular meat probe, all good. I ordered an extra high temp "pit" probe (up to 600 degrees) to go along with it. I'm going to cook...
  18. Gotbbq

    Remove Rust From Cast Iron Grates

    I could use some advice- I have cast iron grates in one of my grills. They didn't weather well over the winter. Whats my best shot at getting the rust and stuff off and getting them back to usable? Thanks-
  19. Gotbbq

    Need Help - RT-590 vs RT-700

    Considering buying my son and wife a special anniversary present. I have the bull and am considering getting them either the bull or the 590. Of course there is some $ savings on the 590, but any other real differences? Thanks-
  20. Gotbbq

    Smoke Question

    Hey, I sealed my Bull a few weeks ago. Has anyone noticed smoke exiting the smoker from the vent where the grease is collected (bucket). Just noticed it. Common? Unusual? Maybe a good thing?