1. T

    Warm setting

    Just purchased the RT-700 yesterday, I am curious to know if there is a warm setting to keep your food warm once its reached the desired temp. Or do you just put it on the lowest temp. Thanks

    Is calibration required on new RecTec grills?

    Has my Bull been calibrated at the factory or is this something normally required by the owner? Both RTD and meat probes? or is the topic for techno-geeks ?
  3. D

    Finally Did It!!!

    I am a huge fan of my backwoods fatboy charcoal smoker but wanted something I didn't have to babysit and still impart a nice smoke to my meats. I was going to buy a Traeger until I came across Rec-Tec. After doing a little research I pulled the trigger and bought the Bull. It will be delivered...
  4. VitaminH

    My journey to the Bull, and my experience so far.

    A short re-telling of my pellet grill journey... I started this past March and bought a Camp Chef off of Amazon. Big mistake, it might have gotten damaged in shipping, but the lid was a little warped, combined with I was very new to all of this, led to a bunch of frustration and stuff not...
  5. SJDawg

    Removed Light in my Bull - what to use the switch for

    Hi All - I recently (accidentally) removed the light housing from my Bull while trying to temporarily remove the light cover. I already had everything off when I realized that the lens just pops off for cleaning. Anyway, in the process of trying to get it back in I accidentally broke the wires...
  6. V

    3-Years Wait; Mixed Results

    Well, after researching and researching and waiting and well.......researching. I finally chose the RT-700 over the Yoder YS-640s. The deciding factor? #1, the supposed superior PID temp. controls of the Bull, #2 the 4th of July bundle sale. I waited until my competition cart base (on back...
  7. GLF35

    D+ on first Brisket

    Absolutely love my new Bull and after several successful ventures decided to take on the "Dreaded" brisket! Result not good! I am hoping someone can tell me what I did wrong. Purchased a 5 lb brisket at Sams Club as my first experiment, rubbed it with olive oil and Hefter rub, placed it on...
  8. P

    Run fan only

    Is there anyway to only run the fan on the 700? I’d like to cold smoke some salmon by using just an amazn tube smoker but would like the fan to run to keep the smoke moving in the grill. I know other pellet grills that you can do this on but I don’t think the 700 will allow. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  9. MBA

    New RecTec Bull

  10. J

    Another Traeger refugee

    Traeger awful temp swings burned my ribs on 7/4. Got a new PID and the temps will not hold. Wife found the Bull for me and ordered it. Hope is as great as everyone makes it out to be,
  11. dangerdan87

    First smoker

    Contemplated on getting a Grilla Silverbac....Then saw Rec Tec....then saw the bull and wondered if I wanted to spend the extra money....Then the 4th of July sale hit...and I gave in and bought the Bull with the July 4th sale. I've never smoked anything before....while I have been around people...
  12. A

    Normal Delivery Timeframe

    Hi everyone.. New to this forum and looking forward to using the Rec Tec grill (once I get it) to it’s fullest potential. Have a question—- what’s the normal timeframe after placing your order that you can expect delivery of the grill? I realize the state you live in will be a factor. I...
  13. Rigonzal

    I just grabbed a bull by the horns!

    Hello all! I just ordered my Rec Tec Bull on Friday! I can’t wait to get this thing. Where’s it at? Is it here already??
  14. R

    Very happy new RT 700 owner

    I’m new to pellet grilling and recently a new member of the Rec Tec family. My experience with Rec Tec Grills has been fantastic as well. They really put the customer first. Empowering their employees to make decisions and deliver an exceptional experience for their customers is priceless...
  15. Showdawg

    Showdawg's Bull RT700 mods

    I wanted to have searing a little quicker. So I added the Camp Chef sear station to the side. Had to add some aluminum from home Depot where the handle mounts to clear the stack. Was able to reattach the handle on the side of the sear station. I also added a cord reel under the controller.
  16. Uncle Bob

    Question for Bull owners

    There was commentary in another thread in the last couple days about materials of the cooker. I just want to verify what I believe I've seen elsewhere but haven't verified. Does a magnet stick to the stainless body of the Bull barrel? Please, no assumptions, I'd prefer an actual test. Thanks.
  17. Buckeye smoker

    RT 700 First smoke/cook and review

    So let's backup a sec... Received my Bull on Thursday and wasn't pleased with the condition of the shipping box when it arrived. (Top was smashed and two inner parts boxes were slight smashed also) none of which is Rec Tec's doing of course. Have some minor issues with the unit. power cord has...
  18. kegelt

    New 700

    Love It!!
  19. R

    How is the stainless body holding up?

    Hey Guys, I am strongly considering the Bull in the very near future. I was just wondering how well the stainless holds up against rust?
  20. S

    Temp swings

    Did my third cook last night and am really enjoying the Bull. One thing that happened for the first time though was that I had it set for 425 and steady, opened it up to put the veggies on so it dropped temp a bit, closed the lid. It then climbed way past 425 to 480 and was not lowering. I...