RecTec Blanket or?


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I did the search and didn't really find what I am trying to determine.
So here up in the Pacific Northwest, I am a about 20miles from a mountain pass so it is windy and colder then down at sea level.

I have had no issues, but recently with the stronger winter winds and colder temps I fight to get to 400....I chewed thru what seems like a metric ton of pellets, and never got above 410!

I saw the blanket from RecTec but states only to 350? Any options or is that not right? I am still waiting to do searing and such on it or do some quick cook salmon on the sear grates.



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I recently spoke to RecTec about the cover. The temp noted is true... any hotter and it can melt. It was designed with slow cooks/low temps in mind. But like you, I wanted high heat, too. After perusing through some forums here, numerous people noted using welders blankets and moving blankets. The welders blankets are a very cheap alternative to try that can withstand some serious heat - though not sure how hot to the touch they get when exposed to such elements. I recently picked up a sheet of black ¼" thick felt carbon fiber at a discounted price on Amazon (notably no longer available in the bigger size) to try on my RT-700. Did some minor fabric modifications (cutting and hand sewing) to allow for form, fit and functionality - notably sewing doesn't appear to be something I'm naturally skilled at - but goes on easy, and allows for opening and closing. $25 all-in (plus labor :)) The few cooks I've done on my new grill were in relatively cooler weather and - yeah, even at 225 or 250, after 12 hour+ cooks the cost of pellets was adding up quick. Will find out how this welders blanket does for the first time on a slow and long cook this weekend in midwest where temps are going to be closer to 20F or less. An alternative to consider though Seattlepaul. Good luck!


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Yep standard welding blanket and you should be good, just be sure to check specs first.
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