A helpful meat smoking guide


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Im reporting this thread: logic has nothing to do with cooking.

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Okay, so to add some commentary to the charting. You'll notice that under Alder they didn't even test it on Pork, Ribs or Beef. Alder is considered by some to be a "trash" tree, which is somewhat unfair. In the forests of the NW it's a first growth tree when land has been cleared by man or fire (nature). It grows quickly, isn't particularly large. In recent years it's found it's way into cabinet making as well.

Anyway there was (maybe still is) a terrific BBQ joint in Seatlle, on 1st Ave So., named Pecos Pit. From a business point of view it was an excellent enterprise with a modest (but oh so delicious) menu, run by a mom and pop couple, and only open weekdays for lunch. "Pop" smoked his pork and beef with alder, and the man was a master. So alder (to my tastes similar to pecan but milder) can be used for nice smoke beyond the suggestions in this listing.
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